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The health and looks of your teeth and the perceived social status

Besides your regular cleaning, what is the most common reason you go to the dentist? Tooth hurting? Well, it's a good time to make an ap...

Monday, November 28, 2016

Dental Insurance Benefits

If you paid your insurance premiums all year then you have earned your dental benefits - don't let them expire at the end of the year, most of them do.
Your dental insurance plan gives you a maximum of what you can spend on an annual basis. This amount varies for each insurance plan, but the average is around $1000 per person per year.
Whether your employer covers part of your PPO, HMO or custom plan, your benefits do not roll over to the next year. So any existing dental insurance coverage or flexible spending funds you have remaining will be lost entirely when your insurance expires, usually at the end of the year.
That's why we encourage our Patients to check their remaining benefits themselves or contact us early for an appointment, might just be a routine cleaning and exam – if you have remaining dental benefits it could be ZERO cost to you!
This time of the year we go through our records of unused benefits and call our Patients to let them know they can take advantage of this till December 31st. Most of them need minor work, or they can start a Smile Makeover and use the insurance coverage for part of the payment.
But it's also an option that if your dental health is in good shape and our records and exams don't indicate any problems in the near future - we'll tell you that it might be a waste of money to buy insurance and skip a year. Why? Because chances are you are only going to need 2 routine cleanings next year, and it might be cheaper to pay only for them than pay for insurance all year. We'll be honest with you and the amount of dental work you rally need. Plus most of the cosmetic procedures (and some necessary ones, like Implants) are barely covered by insurance anyway, it makes more sense to use CareCredit for those. So get a procedure that is typically not covered by insurance and make low monthly payments instead of insurance payments.
Every case is different and we need to evaluate the best solution for you, the sooner we do this - the better. Plus we have a raffle to win a 10" Samsung tablet this Holiday season so this is the best time to call 949-425-1447 to make an appointment or visit our website: http://alisoviejodental.com/contact.html

Friday, October 21, 2016

Why Biological Dentistry?

Biological Dentistry is not another specialty (like Cosmetic Dentistry) but rather a philosophy that can apply to all the subcategories of dental and to health care in general. It means to always seek the safest, least toxic and invasive way to accomplish the treatment, while treading as lightly as possible on the patient’s Biological terrain. Biological Dentistry also implies a more biocompatible approach to oral health.

There are now so many new ways to make dentistry work better, using modern technologies and biocompatible materials! It's our duty to advocate for the overall well-being of our Patients so we make biocompatibility a high priority in our office.
Everyone accepts that mercury is toxic, handling and disposal are strictly regulated. But if you have mercury in your mouth that is somehow OK apparently. We believe that your fillings should be made out of safe, biocompatible materials and we safely remove and dispose your old amalgam/mercury fillings.

In addition to using less toxic dental materials, we recognize the fact that Patients vary in their biochemical and immunological responses. The more a person suffers from allergies, environmental sensitivity, or autoimmune diseases, the more important Biological Dentistry becomes.
Public health science has failed over the years to verify a protective effect of water fluoridation on children’s teeth. Besides, more and more of the water we drink comes from bottles, it's filtered by our fridge or is coconut water, so dumping fluoride (a toxic byproduct actually, not naturally occurring) in all the water seems useless. Meanwhile, evidence of harmful effects of fluoride accumulation in our bodies continues to mount. There are safer products out there now that that have beneficial effects, we prefer those to fluoride.

In the old days, when the only restorative materials were amalgam or gold, and the only esthetic material were denture teeth, our profession had a hard time. Today, we can do better dentistry, in a less toxic, more individualized, more environmentally friendly way than ever. We have as many choices of attitude before us as we do techniques and materials. When you choose a Biological Dentist you know you are getting the safest experience for your overall health! Call us at 949-425-1447 for more info or visit us at http://www.AlisoViejoDental.com/

Monday, September 26, 2016


This is the second year we participated in Dr Loberg's charity event, Dentistry From The Heart. He's been doing this for a few years now, and we had the privilege to be invited last year for the first time. Dr Loberg and his team take this opportunity to help a lot of Patients with their dental care needs, and they do it for free for people who otherwise couldn't afford it. It's a national event, follow the hashtag in the title and a lot of similar events all across the country will pop up. We were lucky enough to be invited to help, together with other Doctors  from other offices in the area, usually Dr Loberg's friends. Since his new office is so big they were able to help literally hundreds of Patients for free this past Saturday, but they also needed as many Dentists and Assistants they could get! It was a huge operation and we were happy to be a part of it, it's an unbelievable feeling to be able to offer free dental care to so many in our community! Thank you again Dr Loberg and the entire team at your office for a great event and an awesome opportunity!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Aliso Viejo

Aliso Viejo is one of the youngest cities in Orange County and also one of the most vibrant and diverse! A lot of new businesses and residential buildings popping up all the time and there is always something going on. A lot of people moving in this city every day, mostly because they found a job close by. But they take their decision to move here based on other factors, one of the safest cities in California being one of them. It's also very close to the beach, just a short 15 min drive (unless the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach is on, then all bets are off!), Disneyland and California Adventure, John Wayne Airport, The Spectrum, South Coast Plaza or Fashion Island. Hiking and biking trails are abundant, the Top Of The World is one of the most famous and offers great views of the ocean, it makes it easier to stay healthy!

But there is a lot to do in the city too, the Town Center has everything you need from Ralph's groceries store to Barnes & Noble, PetSmart or dental care. Plenty of restaurants, from Opah to Del Taco, from Stadium Brewery to Thai Bite and from Inka Mama to Subway you can find everything you need! We even joke about having 2 fried chicken places next to each other - Chick-Fil-A and Raising Cane's. There's also a movie theater and a Lowe's, Trader Joe's and CVS and Walgreens and an Pep Boys auto shop too! Did I miss anything? Yes I did, because there are so many small businesses around that would fill up this page and more!

There are a lot of big companies too, that employ a lot of city locals and others, you probably heard of  UPS and Dell, but there are plenty other ones as big that most people haven't heard of, like Microsemi, Fluor and Ambry Genetics.
One of the locals' favorites is Renaissance ClubSport for it's nice gym, pool, restaurant and great amenities.

Aliso Viejo is the home of SOKA University and the famous SOKA International Festival that happens once a year and attracts thousands of visitors from all over for a diversity of foods, cultural events and shows, it's a local "must see"!

Great schools in the city too, Aliso Niguel High School is the home of our beloved Wolverines!
Another great team that we support is the Aliso Viejo Girls Softball the most tenacious we know!

A lot of medical institutions around, the new Hoag Health Center is getting a lot of attention and also is Marque Urgent Care.

But what makes Aliso Viejo great is our people, very supportive for our local causes (just google Aliso Viejo Ranch and you'll understand) and very helpful with one another. All of the above and more make this beautiful city one of the best places to live and work!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

12 Signs You Need To See A Dentist

Oh, and we can come up with 12 more! Here's why: because you shouldn't see your visit to the Dentist as a "last resort", "I'll wait till it hurts" or "I can take care of this later" kind of thing.
This is what American Dental Association lists as "must see a Dentist" reasons - pain, gums problems, you try to hide your smile, check-ups on previous dental work, medical issues, you're pregnant, trouble eating, dry mouth, tobacco, TMJ, spots and sores in your mouth or regular cleanings.
Yes, if anything bothers you in any way or hurts then definitely see a Dentist. Your pain or your situation will only get worse and it will be harder to treat, will take longer and it might cost more. In some cases if your bones recess with time, it will be harder, or close to impossible to get Implants any more.

But how about when it doesn't hurt? Everything is fine and you had your teeth forever and they worked just fine for you? Well, your smile says a lot about you! Most people say that's how they make their first impression about you these days, actually more important for your looks than the rest of your body. But we care a lot to stay fit, lose weight and have a healthy body, way more than we used to do a few decades ago. Just like that we should care to have a beautiful, bright, healthy smile that says a lot about us! From the first impressions to the perceived social status and health - a lot can come from just our smile. When you see someone with yellow teeth, dark spots or even missing teeth what do you think about them? They are procrastinators, they don't stay on top of things, they don't take care of stuff as they should, or they simply can't afford it (sad, but that's what people's firsts thoughts are). Would you hire or date someone like that? Studies show that - again, sadly- we won't.
So here are a few more reasons you should visit your Cosmetic Dentist even though there is "no problem" with your smile.
  • You can get a healthier smile just by getting a cleaning and a few tips about better habits.
  • You can get a brighter smile, LASER Teeth Whitening is affordable, fast and easy these days, you can do it in your lunch break.
  • You can get Invisalign (adult clear braces) that is barely noticeable and it will straighten you teeth.
  • You can get Crowns for your worn teeth (from teeth grinding, see below), you will notice that is easier to chew foods that you avoided lately and you never thought you had a problem with that. That will improve your diet, your digestion and your overall health.
  • You can get Veneers that will dramatically improve the looks of your front teeth and your smile overall.
  • You can get Gum Treatment that you never knew you had issues with (receding gums are a problem for older people), our Biolase Diode LASER might do wonders for you.
  • You can get a Night Guard to help with your teeth grinding during your sleep.
  • To get Implants for your missing or decayed teeth to improve your bite and your looks.
  • To safely remove old Amalgam/Mercury fillings that you had forever, you know, the dark spots on your teeth that everyone sees when you laugh and they hate them. And Mercury is toxic, by the way.
  • To get a Smile Makeover and get a beautiful new smile for the rest of your life!
  • And many other reasons that your Dentist will determine at your next visit, go ahead and make your appointment now and change your life for the better!
"But I can't afford this right now" you might say. Well, think twice, we offer CareCredit, a financing program same as cash with no interest for up to 2 years. You can improve your smile now and make affordable payments with no money down.
So let's start improving your Smile today!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Are old amalgam/mercury fillings toxic?

Yes, mercury is toxic and it makes up to 50% of the fillings composition. You can make an argument that not much is released in your mouth in normal conditions, but grinding your teeth alone scraps a little, right? And some people are more sensitive than others, we've seen huge improvements and healing in some of our patients after the mercury in their mouth was removed. If you break a fluorescent tube or bulb in your house you are supposed to open the windows and ventilate properly, but having more mercury than a bulb in your mouth is somehow fine. We are not supposed to eat fish more than twice a week to keep the toxic mercury levels low, but having new fillings made with mercury (yes, they still make those since are the only ones covered by insurance!) is somehow fine.

OK, if you need to do more research or want to find out more about it please do so, but if you are ready to replace those old, dark, mercury filled spots on your molars in a way that is safe for you as a patient, for the dental staff and for the environment please give us a call. We use special suction tips that cover your tooth and attract particles so they don't end up in your mouth. You will wear a mask and an Oxygen supply so you don't inhale those particles either (and so are the Doctor and the Assistants). They use special grade filters masks that keep out the mercury particles. Also, there is special filter vacuum close to the working area, so no toxic particles are released in the office, that one is on all the time during your visit. After the old filling removal and tooth treatment you receive a tooth-colored filling that is barely visible and above all non-toxic, perfect for your new brighter, beautiful smile!
Find more info on our website http://www.AlisoViejoDental.com/ or stop by if you are in the area, our address is: Aliso Viejo Dental - 26921 Aliso Creek Rd Ste B, Aliso Viejo, Ca 92656

Monday, June 20, 2016

Why Cosmetic Dentistry?

The short answer: because your Smile is the first thing people notice, the first thing they remember about you and probably the most determinant factor for the first impression others have of you, read more about this here.
The long answer? Well, (sadly!) most people only go to the Dentist for their routine cleaning or when a tooth hurts. I guess that's enough if you don't care to move up in your life. But if your goal is to make a good, lasting impression then you should think about improving your already healthy Smile!
The easiest and cost effective way to start is Teeth Whitening! It could take as little as 20 minutes in our office and it will make a huge difference for your overall looks!
Another option for improving your Smile fairly quickly and not too expensive are Veneers. It's much easier and less expensive than most people think Veneers cost. Please call or email and ask for a free evaluation for your Smile Improvement, so you will know if you are a good candidate.
And of course, there are always dental Implants. They replace damaged or missing teeth, and they look and feel like the real ones.
We also offer Invisalign (clear braces) for adults, so you can straighten your teeth while feeling confident that your braces aren't visible!
We can also do a Smile Design, which completely improves both your oral health and looks, a combination of the procedures above, usually in addition to gum treatments or decay removal, most likely done under Sedation. Those are fairly long procedures that go on for hours, but the good part is that while you are under Conscious Sedation it will seem like minutes and you won't remember a thing!
The only thing you'll care about is going to be your #BrighterSmile you'll see in the mirror the next day and the Facebook and Instagram posts where you'll brag about it! Go ahead, you deserve it, you just changed your life for the better!
Find more info on our website and please contact us or walk in and start the process of becoming a New You!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Going #Green in a Dental Office

Recycling Bin for bottles and cansMore and more offices are making an effort to go "green" and consciously use less energy, recycle more, release less waste and use less toxic ingredients or materials. There are benefits to less waste or non- toxic for both the Office and the Patients, and when you add saving money it gets even better!
In our office we use recycled paper throughout the office, from the printing paper to the  towels in the bathroom. It just takes a few searches to find a supplier that offers the same price for recycled paper, so it doesn't cost more.
We also store all the documents digitally (we are a "paperless office") so there is less printing and scanning. Our Fax acts as attachments in our emails, so no paper is used there either (for Millennials: a fax is the old school way to send pictures and documents, way before emails, messages and Dropbox). So less paper used means saving money, it's not much but it adds up.
We have a Recycling Bin in the office for all the bottles and cans that we take to the center once a week, when the bag fills up. Again, we only get a couple of dollars for that, but it's still free money.

Green compostable plastic-free trash cansOne of the biggest environmental problems is all the plastic that ends up in the oceans. How many times have we seen pictures of birds or sea lions with bags and plastic boxes trapped around their bodies and felt helpless because we couldn't do anything to help them? Well, we can actually and we do! In our office we only use compostable trash bags and coffee of water cups. They cost a couple dollars more, but read above about how we saved a few dollars recycling the bottles. We don't see paying a couple dollars more as a problem when it comes to being responsible about the world we live in. We are determined to offer our Patients the best service and non-toxic options and materials, and we do that in the waiting room too. BPA-Free and compostable hot content cups might be a couple of dollars more per box - but our reputation is worth way more than that! And if saving a couple of bucks is your most important criteria when ordering supplies - then maybe your business strategy needs some readjustments.

We only use LED lights throughout the office, since they use less energy and we wanted to get rid of all the mercury based fluorescent tubes. We love the bright, refreshing light we have in the office now and our Patients love it too, glad we moved away from that faded, almost gray light we had before, it was too sad for an office that promotes Brighter Smiles! If only one Patient prefers our bright, positive light in our office over an old looking office nearby - it was all worth it for us!

BPA-free hot cups

Last, but not least important is the amalgam separator and the waste filter we use, that most counties and cities don't require and most dental offices don't have. But we wanted to make sure that none of the toxic waste ends up in our City's drain and ultimately in the ocean. Think about this next time you take you kids to the beach and they enjoy swimming in the ocean, isn't it worth it to make sure that water is clean?
We also use non-toxic cleaning or disinfecting products, including the hand soap in the restroom or the essential oils we use for a pleasant perfume in the office.
It makes a difference with the patients who care and since it's not a cost issue -why not do it? Going green is beneficial for our Patients, for our staff, for our City and our environment, but must important for the legacy we leave to our children.
For more info please visit our website at http://www.AlisoViejoDental.com/

Monday, May 9, 2016

Community Events + CDA Presents

We had a busy week in our community this week! The Health and Wellness Fair at Fluor in Aliso Viejo was a success, we had hundreds of employees participating and asking questions! Most of them were very interested about new technologies in Dentistry, our LASER Treatment -which includes anything from Gum Treatment to Cleaning to Teeth Whitening-was a star! Getting to meet and talk to so many wonderful people was a blast for us, we gave away a Free LASER Teeth Whitening to a lucky Raffle winner and dozens of electric tooth brushes!

Another great event was the 15th Annual SOKA International Festival in Aliso Viejo, which is an established institution now! We were proud Friends of the Festival sponsors (again!) and we were so happy to meet literally thousands of people! The main attraction here are the many ethnic food choices, everyone got to try so many tasty options while watching hundreds of artistic presentations on the Peace Lake stage and others! Were they open to learn more about our SAFE Mercury fillings removal? Yes they were, that's why we gave away all our brochures and finished all the marketing materials we had. Another 1st Prize Raffle winner and many 2nd Prize winners, they are invited to our office to pick them up and hopefully start their Smile Improvement!

And then there is CDA Presents, the great expo at the Anaheim Conventions center that our office will attend on Friday May 13th (that's a lucky day for us!). We are looking for new and better solutions that we can use in our practice that would benefit our Patients better! More on this next week!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Your Tax Refund Check it's on it's way!

This is the date you've been waiting for: Monday, April 18th. Your tax refund  check or direct deposit should be on it's way and everyone has some tips on how to use the money. If the practical things such as debts, emergency fund and short-term goals are covered, designate the cash for something more exciting, such as a big vacation or better yet, invest in yourself! Improving your looks is one of the best rewards you can give yourself for your hard earned money, and it's something that will boost your confidence and self esteem for years and years! Set yourself on a path to a promotion or a better job altogether, for a better relationship if that's what you are looking for right now and ultimately for a better you! No one can take away your bright smile and the constant stream of compliments will keep you happy for a long time! Can't wait for the refund? Use CareCredit for up to 24 months of no interest (same as cash) financial plan and pay it off when the IRS check sinks in. It's hard to come up with a better reason to spend your tax refund than yourself and your future, so please call us for a free evaluation and a quote for the easiest, fastest way to improve your smile and your overall health! 949-425-1447 or Office@AlisoViejoDental.com

Monday, April 4, 2016

The health and looks of your teeth and the perceived social status

Besides your regular cleaning, what is the most common reason you go to the dentist? Tooth hurting? Well, it's a good time to make an appointment with Aliso Viejo Dental because the health of your teeth is starting to become a social status too.

Good teeth have always been an indicator of good hygiene and health, but lately it's also an indicator of how wealthy you might be. Recent studies even show that bad teeth might hamper social mobility or status for certain people as rising healthcare costs directly affect people and how they have access to dental treatment or orthodontists or if they would pay for cosmetic dentistry.
Those studies show that people who cannot afford these types of procedures or dental care are being “left behind” and might even be discriminated against because of the health or beauty of their teeth. Actually, this seems to become a new unnoticed discrimination when it comes to job security and social status, according to several studies conducted by social scientists.
When researchers digitally manipulated the teeth and smiles of subjects in pictures and asked people to give their first impressions, they noted similar patterns of discrimination against guys with poor oral health. Those with crookedyellow or missing teeth were judged to be of limited intelligence (!), low class, bad parents, less professional, less physically beautiful and lacking social skills! Wow! This means that bad teeth might prevent otherwise qualified candidates from getting better jobs or promotions.
There is a social cost of going without dental care, too. Numerous studies show a strong correlation between appearance and income. Research has found that "better than average" looking people earn 5% to 10% more. Most studies say that your smile is the first thing others see when they form their first impression of you, and that makes more sense here.

Your oral health is very important and can be a first chance for your dentist to find other health problems before your doctor can, they say that the mouth is a mirror of your overall health.
Fortunately, there are ways to have wonderful teeth, a great Smile and good oral health without having to pay too much. We take most PPO and HMO insurance, we have affordable procedures and great no interest payment plans with CareCredit, so schedule your appointment today or just call us at (949) 425-1447 for more info!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Do you love Spring or do you have allergies?

Yesterday was the first day of Spring, which is an important event in different cultures. We call it the Equinox (or St Patrick's Day, depending on who you ask!), Persians call it Nowruz, Japanese people call it Shunbun no Hi, and some even celebrate the World Storytelling Day, I guess you get the idea: people love Spring! Well, make that most people, because 58 million Americans with allergies almost hate it!

What causes springtime allergies? The biggest problem is the pollen, which is released into the air by trees, flowers, grasses and others (some say the level of pollution is a factor too). When pollen or other triggers enter the body of an allergic person, their immune system goes into overdrive.
Everybody knows the symptoms, allergies usually bring itchy and watery eyes, itchy ears and nose, sneezing, congestion, and sinus pressure. That's no bueno!

Can they affect your teeth? Most people don't know it, but yes! The maxillary sinus cavities are the ones most likely to be affected by congestion and pressure during allergy season. These sinuses are located right at the root of your molars and premolars. If pressure and congestion builds up in the sinuses, it can put pressure on the roots of these teeth and can cause tooth pain.

What you can do: If you suffer from allergies, try to limit going outside on high pollen days, but that defeats the purpose of spring! Also, you can try taking some OTC allergy medication or whatever your Doctor recommends. Antihistamines and decongestants can start to provide relief within an hour. However, for more severe allergies, you many want to try a nasal spray. If toothache symptoms persist, make an appointment with your Dentist.

Friday, March 11, 2016

You can afford it!

Every day we diagnose Patients and offer treatment plans that include the proposed treatment for their dental woes. We take care of the problem at hand first, from emergencies to tooth aches to prevention. But we always propose a Smile Improvement option, which is better known as Cosmetic Dentistry, to keep things simple. While some patients are happy since it might be the first time someone mentioned this to them and are eager to start improving their lives and overall health, we noticed that some Patients tend to put their smile improvement on the "back burner". It seems that "there are more important things to do first" or "I'm sure it's expensive and I can't afford it". But since we care about our Patients -we move mountains to get the right financial plan for them, just to prove that "it's not that expensive" and "you can afford $100/month with no interest"! CareCredit is a great tool to finance more costly procedures, or Sedation for patients who don't want to remember the experience of their Smile Makeover. But sometimes they are just surprised how affordable some procedures are and how big impact they have on their smile and the improved perception others will have of them (LASER Teeth Whitening comes to mind first!).

If you could improve your smile‬ in any way, without worrying about money or pain of fear -what would you choose? Teeth Whitening‬? Replace old, dark, potentially toxic amalgam/mercury ‪‎fillings with new white ones? Straighten your teeth with ‪‎Invisalign‬? Would you get ‪‎Veneers‬? It's much easier than you think, and some of these procedures are less expensive than most people heard they cost. Call or come over and ask for a free evaluation for your Smile Improvement or just a LASER Teeth Whitening, with no strings attached, you don't have to switch Dentists or send old X-Rays. At least you have an idea of what it costs and you can plan it better, we won't pressure anyone to start a treatment until they are ready. Let's start the road to a better you today, we'll do it together!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Wondering Which Celebrity Has The Best Smile?

Whether we like them or not, we agree with them or not, follow them on Twitter or not - celebrities have a great impact on your life. They start trends, stand for causes, and speak for the ones who don't have a public voice.
A lot of trends started at the Oscars defined the hair style or what colors we wear for the rest of the year, because we love to see our favorite stars finally winning their coveted trophy! But while it's true that hair and makeup trends come and go, when it comes to looking your best – whether on the red carpet or in your living room – a perfect smile never goes out of style!
And so far we can be pretty safe to say that the Hollywood celebrities drive a good trend regarding beautiful smiles!
“Amidst all the fashion and beauty news of awards season, a brilliant, confident smile is one of the most important accessories any star can sport on the red carpet”. “Hollywood A-listers know the power of a high wattage, confident smile both on screen and off, and many go to great lengths to achieve their perfect smiles, from whitening to straightening their teeth or a full blown Smile Makeover.
We couldn’t agree more! No matter your celebrity status, it's the confidence behind your smile that makes it shine! It's time for you too to get a #BrighterSmile so you can be more confident in your day to day life too!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tips for improving your smile

There are a few easy ways to improve your smile and the way others see you every day. You can make better first impressions, improve your chances to get a promotion or a better job, improve your relationships and ultimately your life! Start with the easier ones and work your way up as needed:
Whitening: A Cosmetic Touch Up
Teeth whitening has evolved a lot over the last decade, it is a safe, fast, effective, and affordable treatment. This is the best option for those that already have a great smile from a dental standpoint, and just need a touch up. Or, this can also be used as a final step in the treatments below.
Invisalign: Straighten your Smile
This is a relatively easy way to improve a your smile without getting veneers. As long as there isn’t a functional bite issue, adult clear braces are a fairly quick option.
Restorations: Creating a Unique Smile
Restorations include Crowns, Veneers, bonding, Bridges or Implants. A key part of creating a restoration for a patient is designing their smile, that takes into consideration facial shape, smile, skin tone, eyes, and hair all create a “look”, and the materials and techniques used to achieve that. We use LASER Therapy and Dental Labs that create exactly the final products that we need for our patients.
There is also the peace of mind that you are in good hands, the Doctors and our Staff are highly qualified and knowledgeable, they use the latest technology in a safe, clean environment. Regardless of the treatment you get recommended and choose, the goal is to get the everyday self-confidence that comes from a great smile!

Monday, February 1, 2016

We love our community, we are blessed with great patients in a vibrant and awesome city! We are thankful for giving us the opportunity to serve Aliso Viejo Patients and proud to be the Business Of the Month on Chamber Of Commerce's website!

We have been members of the Chamber for almost 2 years now and we are excited to participate in networking meetings, mixers, breakfast with the Members and even the annual Ugly Sweater contest!
Thank you for having us as part of this community, thank you for great Patients and we are looking forward to many, many years of Smile Improvements!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Evidence of Harm

A documentary exposing the devastating effects of dental mercury fillings on patients, staff & the environment.

Examining the link between Alzheimer’s disease and mercury.

Evidence of Harm chronicles the lives of three ordinary Americans who become reluctant health advocates after suffering from the devastating effects of hazardous mercury vapors during routine dental procedures. The film presents a haunting portrait of a dental industry all too willing to turn a blind eye to science while placing profits and politics ahead of the 120 million Americans currently implanted with toxic mercury dental fillings.
This documentary came to realization when, Randall, the films creator received news that his father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Randall immediately set out on a personal journey to find the cause for what might be contributing to this devastating illness. While scouring the scientific literature, a connection was found. There were numerous studies indicating mercury (a known neurotoxin) was a causal factor in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease… and the largest source of mercury in the general population had been repeatedly shown to come from mercury dental fillings. After discovering this information Randall set about making a documentary on the hazards of dental mercury fillings to patients, staff and the global environment.
Get more info about this documentary here.
Contact Aliso Viejo Dental for more info about safe amalgam fillings removal or to schedule an appointment to have yours safely removed and disposed of.