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Friday, April 5, 2019

The value of a beautiful smile!

We are blessed to have such awesome Patients everyday! And every day is a great experience with each and every one, we discuss and we learn from every beautiful smile that comes through our door! And we do our best to make sure everyone leaves with a healthier, happy, beautiful smile!
And most people understand the value of a beautiful smile, how others see you and how people make their first impression about you, or how they form an opinion in the long run. We try to make the case of a healthy, beautiful smile as the first thing people see, notice and remember about you. Also, how they perceive a smile that they don't like as a lower social status, and you can find more details in this blog.
But sometimes people who otherwise take smart, educated decisions - don't see the value of improved dental health. We see people who are in the process of buying a new house or remodeling an old one, so they clearly understand what smart decisions are, not recognizing the importance of a bright, beautiful, healthy smile. Yes, buying a new house can be a great investment for your future, yes, remodeling your old one will most likely increases the value of your home. Yes, even buying a new car, a cool one might change how other people look at you and the way they perceive your status. Those are all good reasons to upgrade your life and move up on the ladder of social acceptance. Every time your friends will visit your home, and every time they see you coming out of that new flashy automobile they will think more of you, they will recognize your smart addition. Your boss might think - hmm, she seems smart and takes great decisions, or he understands the value and what it represents, maybe I'll consider this person for a promotion or give them more tasks because they look capable to handle more. And they would be right, the more good decisions you take - the more people will entrust you with other important things in their lives or work.
But what is the value of your beautiful smile? I hope more people would see their beautiful, healthy, trusty smile as an investment, as important as your house or fancy truck. If not more important, since they might only see your house once or twice a year, and you car maybe once or twice a week. But they will see your bright white smile all the time they are with you, and that might be 8 hours a day at work! Or they might just see it once at an important meeting or a sales visit if they are your customer, but that would make a great difference in the outcome if they trust you more and if they see how you understand good value.
Ready to improve your smile, improve the way others see you, get better first impressions, better friendships, better relationships, a better job, a better life and ultimately a better you? Make an appointment online at AlisoViejoDental.com, or call/text us at 949-425-1447