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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Keep your cleaning appointments to avoid "deep cleanings"!

Your dentist office called to remind you of your next cleaning or Hygiene appointment you booked almost 6 months ago when you had your last cleaning. You totally forgot about this appointment (that card they gave you is somewhere in your car or at home with all the junk mail) and you look at your calendar and realize you can't make it. How often does this happen? Pretty often, considering how many Patients miss their dental cleaning appointment.

But should you ignore it or try to re-schedule it as soon as possible?
As a rule of thumb - you should have the cleaning as close to the recommended date as possible.

Why? First of all - it's covered by your insurance most likely, or it's inexpensive compared to the alternative.
So why would you not take advantage of this (most likely) covered cleaning?
Or, you might be THAT Patient who flosses and brushes twice a day and really takes good care of your oral health, so there is very little tartar that adds up on and in between your teeth. But you would rather clean them regularly anyway, especially when the cost is close to $0 out of your pocket.

But let's be honest, you forget to carry the floss sticks in your car or purse, and brushing is rushed and inefficient. Then a lot of bacteria and tartar adds up on your teeth and you really need that cleaning every 6 months!
Because if you don't get your teeth cleaned regularly - 6 months becomes a year and a year becomes 2 and you are most likely set up for a deep cleaning. Why? Because the tartar and inflammation is already there and at this point "emergency" flossing and brushing won't help any more - you'll need a professionally done, thorough cleaning! The tartar can be visible on the x-rays to the point when the dentist doesn't even need to look at your actual teeth to diagnose your deep cleaning!
At this point - time works against you. Postponing, delaying, rescheduling and avoiding will make matters worse! Plus, a deep cleaning and any adjacent procedures will cost hundreds of dollars out of pocket at this point.

First stage is gingivitis, which is reversible with a thorough cleaning. If it's not cured, it will transform into the second stage called periodontitis. This is a chronic disease, much harder to reverse, the inflamed tissue starts to pull away from the teeth, forming spaces, or deep pockets. These deep pockets are housing the harmful bacteria and tartar buildup that chew up on the bone surrounding the teeth, creating bone loss. In the advanced stages of this disease - the bone loss is so severe that teeth become loose.

Do yourself a favor, take care of your oral health while is inexpensive and mostly covered by insurance so it's less harmful, less painful, less costly and keep your routine dental cleanings. So you don't have to google "deep cleaning" 'cause you wont need it! Having a great smile will most likely help you get better first impressions, better friendships, better relationships, a better job, a better life and ultimately a better you!

If you need a cleaning or a deep cleaning - don't postpone it, call or text us at 949-4251447 and schedule you appointment today!