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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Not all x-rays are equal

How many times have you said "I love my dentist!"? How many times have you heard others saying - "I've been going to the same dentist for the last 20 years"? We hear these all the time, at every promotion we do, at every event, at every fair or convention we participate.
There is nothing wrong with that, your dentist knows your medical/dental history, they proposed and performed most of your dental treatments, they took care of your emergency pain when it happened.
And of course you love them for that!
This becomes a problem only when your dentist uses the same equipment and procedures as 20 years ago. This is something that you might not even notice since you've only been in the same office all your life. A lot of materials and equipment changed for the better lately, they are more health-conscious and environmentally friendly. Between the BPA free resin to low radiation x-ray machines there are a lot of improvements in dental offices in United States in the last decades.
We use digital sensors connected to computers these days instead of films for example, since they need less radiation and have instant exposure. Meaning that the dentist and you can see the x-rays on the screen in just a second, and you have the option to enlarge or change the contrast and brightness to be able to see the smallest cracks or cavities right in front of your eyes. The old films are as small as your watch, good luck seeing anything there!
The x-ray machines have similar settings these days and the sensor/computer setting should be 0.100 and 0.50 for children, as seen in the picture above. At least look for the computer or sensor symbol to make sure it's set up right. If you see a different symbol or higher numbers on the x-ray machine display or you see them using films - ask your dentist why and if they can change the settings. If they can't offer the lower radiation option you should refuse to receive higher radiation for every exposure they will take of your teeth.
There is a better, healthier way to do dentistry today and you shouldn't downgrade your oral health care just because you got used to go to the same dentist as your Father did. If they can't upgrade their skills and educate for the latest technology - they don't deserve your trust with your dental care needs, or your business. If they don't upgrade their equipment and their education for the better - it's because they want to pocket the money instead.
Try to find a dental office where they provide a better, healthier service, geared towards preventing problems rather than treating them. Yes, you can take care of your problems when they are incipient and easier to treat with less pain and inexpensive, before they become the big problems that will empty your wallet. For more info or to learn more about preventive dentistry please visit our website at https://www.alisoviejodental.com/

Monday, December 10, 2018

"In-house" Discount plans

Given the raising cost of insurance and all the uncertainty about coverage or restrictions - we see an increase in Patients with no Dental Insurance. Even though the dental coverage doesn't cost too much, compared to the medical insurance, just because people don't renew one - they don't renew the other either. Of course you could get Dental or Vision separately, but few people do that, most just end up with no dental insurance after all.
That's why we offer a discount plan for Patients with no insurance, that offers some preventive services at no cost and a discount for other, more common procedures. There is an annual fee, depending on your needs, for 1 person or for the whole family.
This is great for our Patients since it encourages them to keep their preventive, cleaning appointments with their dentist, and also offers a discount for other cosmetic or restorative procedures, which comes in handy.
Plus  - this is not insurance, so there are no claims to send, no deductibles, and no check to wait for in the mail. You can see the discount, the difference upfront, and how much you save and it's all clear, with no confusion or delays. Also, you can take advantage of our $49 New Patient Special if you don't have insurance coverage.
Call or text us for a brochure at 949-425-1447, or come in if you want to ask for more details, we are in the Aliso Viejo Town Center, near Ralphs, next to Habit Burger and Urbane Cafe. Visit AlisoViejoDental.com for more details.