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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

New safety measures and protocols in place

Since we re-opened after the Shelter In Place we had a big wave of Patients who wanted to do their treatments and cleanings! For different reasons, from being bored from staying at home for too long, to overdue to extra disposable income, since people didn't have a chance to travel, or go out too much. Whatever the reasons are - it's always good to take care of your oral health earlier rather than later. Since then we had a steady influx of Patients doing treatments that they postponed for a while, or just ready to improve their smile!

We also had our share of Patients that were not comfortable to come in a dental office (or anywhere else for that matter), and for good reasons that we understand. Some have a weak immune system, some have babies at home, children or older parents that they don't want to put at risk. 

That's why we are as cautious as possible when it comes to infection control, and dealing with the COVID-19 virus. We have the toughest measures and protocols in place to to put our Patients at ease when it comes to infection control and limit of virus spreading. We are set up for a Virtual Waiting Room, we ask Patients to call/text us when they park and we'll invite them in for screening questions, temperature and testing. We ask everyone to wear a face covering, we'll provide a mask if you don't have one. We have Point-of-care COVID-19 rapid screening tests for infection and antibodies (results in 15 min). We try to discuss the treatment and financials over the phone before the appointment as much as possible, to limit time in the office. We got hours of training with our staff before re-opening regarding infection control, with the toughest measures in place during the corona virus pandemic. We have our PPE gear ready and signs for Clean Areas and 6 medical grade HEPA filters and 3 enhanced suction vacuums around the office, this is part of the protocols to keep you and our staff safe. We are are ready to answer any questions and clarify any concerns the Patients might have.

Working in any health care facility, including a dental office, is harder, more stressful and costlier right now, so we kindly ask for everyone's understanding and patience when calling or during the appointments.