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Monday, March 4, 2019

Why we stand out

I am like most people and I have my routine and my comfort zone (and my comfort food too!). And that is good because it provides some stability and some peace of mind in our lives. But sometimes it's good to explore, to see what else is out there, what is new and if we can do something better. You know where I'm going with this - sometimes is good to see if you can find a better option for a dentist. There are many dental offices in Aliso Viejo and the surrounding cities in Orange County, and they all provide great service, I'm sure. But we like to stand out, so we improved our office, our services and team, we updated our tools and procedures, and raised the bar! So here are a few reasons why you should chose us when you are looking for  a new dentist, or when going to the same old same old place doesn't cut it any more. Because let's be honest, if they didn't tell you that you could take care of a cracked tooth when it was still treatable instead of needing an implant - they didn't do their job right.
That's why we practice preventive dentistry, we believe in taking care of your oral health issues before they become a nightmare. We also believe in nutritional and dental care counseling to prevent issues from happening in the first place. It's cheaper and it makes total sense in the long run.
We offer free oral cancer screening for all our Patients, just because, again, it makes total sense, #ScreeningSavesLives. We use the ViziLite Pro device, and the process only take about 2 minutes.
We use Laser therapy for a lot of procedures, for less or no pain and faster healing. Laser is the best alternative to drills, it doesn't touch the tooth surface but it's gentle power sterilizes, cleans and desensitizes the cavity or the tooth.
We use the DryShield isolation system. DryShield is an intelligent breakthrough in isolation and helps make your visit shorter, more pleasant, and more comfortable!
We also use ReLeaf Suction system, your Hygiene cleaning visit will be up to 15 min shorter and more comfortable!
We safely remove old amalgam/mercury fillings! We use a special vacuum that filtrates and traps mercury particles .We use special Clean Up suction tips that completely cover your tooth and capture mercury vapors.
We should also mention  Digital X-Rays for low radiation, intra-oral pictures so you can better understand the symptoms and conditions, digital impressions - we are a #NoGoop, #NoGag practice.
If all this isn't enough - please consider our friendly staff, and our personalized treatment and service. We see New Patients every day and it become a routine to explain what their previous dentists didn't cover or even mention to them. "If I knew this was going to get this bad I would have taken care of it sooner". Yeap, we don't want OUR Patients to say that! Call or text us for more info at 949-425-1447.