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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Call or Text

Communications have evolved over time, back in the day we used to send telegrams (oh, don't admit you remember those, you don't want to date yourself!) when we needed to send a message quick. Or send a letter in the mail when the message was larger and we wanted to explain or describe things properly. And then the telephone came up a while ago and that simplified a lot of things! It was quick, fairly cheap in the beginning and we could instantly take care of anything we needed to communicate. Quickly it became the main system in offices and homes. And then the cell phones came up and it got even simpler and quicker, now we could text when we needed to say something quick. We went full circle to the telegrams, except now the message was instantly in the palms of our hands!
Internet came up and email became the easiest, fastest way to communicate long letter-type messages. Again, full circle, but this time it was almost instant.
The text message is still one of the most popular ways to communicate, especially for the younger generations. It's short, no need to waste time with intros and good byes, it's instant and efficient. Except it doesn't work on land lines. Well, until now, when we have IP phones that also use apps on cell phones (oh, don't admit you know what these are, you don't want to look too nerdy!). That's what Aliso Viejo Dental has been using for a few years now, since we can answer emergency work calls anywhere at night and over the weekend. Also, because of the transcribed voice messages into emails and available in the app too. Oh, and also because of this new feature they introduced recently to be able to send and receive texts from our office's phone! That's right, now you can call OR text us to 949-425-1447, whichever you prefer. No need to use many words, "I need to set up an appt for next Fri" will do. Go ahead, give it a try!