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Friday, March 11, 2016

You can afford it!

Every day we diagnose Patients and offer treatment plans that include the proposed treatment for their dental woes. We take care of the problem at hand first, from emergencies to tooth aches to prevention. But we always propose a Smile Improvement option, which is better known as Cosmetic Dentistry, to keep things simple. While some patients are happy since it might be the first time someone mentioned this to them and are eager to start improving their lives and overall health, we noticed that some Patients tend to put their smile improvement on the "back burner". It seems that "there are more important things to do first" or "I'm sure it's expensive and I can't afford it". But since we care about our Patients -we move mountains to get the right financial plan for them, just to prove that "it's not that expensive" and "you can afford $100/month with no interest"! CareCredit is a great tool to finance more costly procedures, or Sedation for patients who don't want to remember the experience of their Smile Makeover. But sometimes they are just surprised how affordable some procedures are and how big impact they have on their smile and the improved perception others will have of them (LASER Teeth Whitening comes to mind first!).

If you could improve your smile‬ in any way, without worrying about money or pain of fear -what would you choose? Teeth Whitening‬? Replace old, dark, potentially toxic amalgam/mercury ‪‎fillings with new white ones? Straighten your teeth with ‪‎Invisalign‬? Would you get ‪‎Veneers‬? It's much easier than you think, and some of these procedures are less expensive than most people heard they cost. Call or come over and ask for a free evaluation for your Smile Improvement or just a LASER Teeth Whitening, with no strings attached, you don't have to switch Dentists or send old X-Rays. At least you have an idea of what it costs and you can plan it better, we won't pressure anyone to start a treatment until they are ready. Let's start the road to a better you today, we'll do it together!

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