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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Dental care benefits use stays flat

Here is some interesting data: More adults have dental benefit coverage, and fewer adults report cost as a barrier to dental care, yet the number of dental visits tends to stay flat. Percentagewise, the number of adults who said they visited a dentist in the past 12 months stayed flat for several years, which could be "a new normal" for dentistry and apparently no one knows why. We seem to be in this very sluggish, flat dental care use trend despite good insurance coverage and even lower costs, something's not adding up.

Over the past couple of years, the percentage of  adults with dental benefits has actually increased slightly. About 2 out of 3 adults has dental benefit coverage now, new research shows, and the vast majority of those with dental benefits, have private dental insurance. Similarly, fewer adults are reporting cost as a barrier to dental care. Only about a tenth of adults name cost as the reason for not getting the dental care they needed.

So the question is why don't adults benefit of dental care or cosmetic dentistry more?
Well, the conclusions are fairly predictable, and we agree that the industry is changing, people's expectations are changing and we have to be ahead of the curve to meet these demands.

I think most dentist are in a routine to keep their Patients happy enough so they come back for regular cleanings every 4-6 months or so. And they don't tackle issues like teeth whitening, veneers or even implants so they don't scare Patients away. That's why when we get New Patients who tell us that they had regular cleanings for years we can't help but ask: And no one told you that you could get a teeth whitening that would improve your smile dramatically in like half an hour for relatively little cost to you? Well, no wonder this Patient didn't want to go back to their old dentist any more!

Another reason is communication, especially for younger adults: they are simply not used to answer the phone, or listen to messages. If the phone rings and they don't recognize the number - they won't answer and your message will probably go unnoticed. Even if they listen to the message - they are not used to or comfortable enough to call back. They prefer texts, or messages and social media, or requesting an appointment online. If you don't have those in place you probably won't hear back from them again. And even if everything goes great and you are able to get them in for a cleaning - the whole paragraph above applies too, you need to present a plan to actually improve their #smile, that will make a difference in their lives and self confidence. Just a regular cleaning won't cut it!

That's why on our website you had a button to request an appointment for a while now, we use emails and texts a lot and we see a good response from our Patients. Also, we take the time at every visit to explain the benefits of recommended treatments or cosmetic improvements. We have suggestions on our website AlisoViejoDental.com too on how these could improve your life, your confidence, your relations, they way you feel and act, and how you become a better version of yourself eventually!