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Monday, May 8, 2017

"I already have a Dentist!"

Attended a couple of venues last week where we had a booth and had a great opportunity to talk to a lot of people! We handed out info and coupons, gave more information to interested potential Patients and explained how we practice dentistry differently than most other Dentists. We explained this because the most common excuse we heard for not taking our free brochure, tooth brush/paste promo bag or coupon we handed out was "Thank you, but I already have a Dentist".
Well, most people do and some follow their 6 months Hygiene schedule almost religiously. But unless a tooth hurts or something is bothering them - they never have any improvements for their smiles - like, ever! The Dentist should recommend any necessary treatment or even possible cosmetic improvements available, or health concerns so at least the Patient is aware of them, if there is no immediate threat. You as a Patient might decide which procedures and when you want to start, and the Dentist will help you prioritize them. But going to the Dentist every 6 months just so they can charge your insurance for a cleaning without improving your smile doesn't make much sense!
That's why every time I heard the "I already have a Dentist" answer I came back with one of the following questions, depending on which was more suitable for that person:

 - And they never recommended teeth whitening? (this is probably the easiest, least expensive way to improve your smile, that's why we always offer this option when appropriate)
 - And they never offered Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth? It's a great way for adults to wear invisible braces and get straight teeth in a few months most of the time.
 - And they never explained that you can get Veneers on the chipped or misaligned front teeth? These are fairly inexpensive and the improvement is huge!
 - And they never offered to Safely remove the ugly, dark silver/mercury amalgam on your molars and replace it with composite, tooth colored fillings?
 - And they never told you that you can have a Smile Design to overhaul your whole mouth, get all the treatment you need and even some cosmetic work done in a day using Conscious Sedation so you don't feel or remember anything? So you can improve your smile, improve the way others see you, get better first impressions, better friendships, better relationships, a better job, a better life and ultimately a better you?
Yes, not all Dentists are the same, some are doing everything the same way they did it 20 years ago, and some care about you and your overall health and the benefits you can get from a healthy, beautiful smile! We also offer complementary oral cancer screenings, contact us at Aliso Viejo Dental and we'll explain all these and more in detail, please call us at 949-485-1447 today!