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Monday, December 28, 2015

Dental Waste Management-safe disposal of silver/mercury amalgam fillings

Quite a lot of patients still have silver/mercury amalgam fillings from either back in the day when this was the only option or from more recent times, since some dental offices still offer these. The issue of mercury waste from removed fillings impacts nearly every dental office, but very few talk about this. Research in the United States and other countries has repeatedly demonstrated that dental offices play a significant role in releasing mercury into the environment. Much of the concern is due to the fact that when mercury is released into the environment it is known to poison the ecosystem for years, thereby harming plants, animals, water, and soil.
Many cities and counties have mandated separators in all dental offices, and many more are considering doing so, unfortunately Orange County isn't one of them. Amalgam Separators can remove over 99% of the mercury from the waste water of a dental office before it gets released into the environment and eventually ends up in our water and food. Aliso Viejo Dental has taken the initiative to install an Amalgam Separator in our office to minimize the impact of toxic waste. These filters are changed annually to maintain maximum performance and the bigger debris in traps are safely disposed monthly.
Together with the special suction tips we use when removing silver/mercury amalgam we have created a safe environment for patients and our staff. Please contact us if you need more info about safe removal and disposal of silver/mercury amalgam fillings.

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