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Monday, June 20, 2016

Why Cosmetic Dentistry?

The short answer: because your Smile is the first thing people notice, the first thing they remember about you and probably the most determinant factor for the first impression others have of you, read more about this here.
The long answer? Well, (sadly!) most people only go to the Dentist for their routine cleaning or when a tooth hurts. I guess that's enough if you don't care to move up in your life. But if your goal is to make a good, lasting impression then you should think about improving your already healthy Smile!
The easiest and cost effective way to start is Teeth Whitening! It could take as little as 20 minutes in our office and it will make a huge difference for your overall looks!
Another option for improving your Smile fairly quickly and not too expensive are Veneers. It's much easier and less expensive than most people think Veneers cost. Please call or email and ask for a free evaluation for your Smile Improvement, so you will know if you are a good candidate.
And of course, there are always dental Implants. They replace damaged or missing teeth, and they look and feel like the real ones.
We also offer Invisalign (clear braces) for adults, so you can straighten your teeth while feeling confident that your braces aren't visible!
We can also do a Smile Design, which completely improves both your oral health and looks, a combination of the procedures above, usually in addition to gum treatments or decay removal, most likely done under Sedation. Those are fairly long procedures that go on for hours, but the good part is that while you are under Conscious Sedation it will seem like minutes and you won't remember a thing!
The only thing you'll care about is going to be your #BrighterSmile you'll see in the mirror the next day and the Facebook and Instagram posts where you'll brag about it! Go ahead, you deserve it, you just changed your life for the better!
Find more info on our website and please contact us or walk in and start the process of becoming a New You!

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