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Thursday, August 4, 2016

12 Signs You Need To See A Dentist

Oh, and we can come up with 12 more! Here's why: because you shouldn't see your visit to the Dentist as a "last resort", "I'll wait till it hurts" or "I can take care of this later" kind of thing.
This is what American Dental Association lists as "must see a Dentist" reasons - pain, gums problems, you try to hide your smile, check-ups on previous dental work, medical issues, you're pregnant, trouble eating, dry mouth, tobacco, TMJ, spots and sores in your mouth or regular cleanings.
Yes, if anything bothers you in any way or hurts then definitely see a Dentist. Your pain or your situation will only get worse and it will be harder to treat, will take longer and it might cost more. In some cases if your bones recess with time, it will be harder, or close to impossible to get Implants any more.

But how about when it doesn't hurt? Everything is fine and you had your teeth forever and they worked just fine for you? Well, your smile says a lot about you! Most people say that's how they make their first impression about you these days, actually more important for your looks than the rest of your body. But we care a lot to stay fit, lose weight and have a healthy body, way more than we used to do a few decades ago. Just like that we should care to have a beautiful, bright, healthy smile that says a lot about us! From the first impressions to the perceived social status and health - a lot can come from just our smile. When you see someone with yellow teeth, dark spots or even missing teeth what do you think about them? They are procrastinators, they don't stay on top of things, they don't take care of stuff as they should, or they simply can't afford it (sad, but that's what people's firsts thoughts are). Would you hire or date someone like that? Studies show that - again, sadly- we won't.
So here are a few more reasons you should visit your Cosmetic Dentist even though there is "no problem" with your smile.
  • You can get a healthier smile just by getting a cleaning and a few tips about better habits.
  • You can get a brighter smile, LASER Teeth Whitening is affordable, fast and easy these days, you can do it in your lunch break.
  • You can get Invisalign (adult clear braces) that is barely noticeable and it will straighten you teeth.
  • You can get Crowns for your worn teeth (from teeth grinding, see below), you will notice that is easier to chew foods that you avoided lately and you never thought you had a problem with that. That will improve your diet, your digestion and your overall health.
  • You can get Veneers that will dramatically improve the looks of your front teeth and your smile overall.
  • You can get Gum Treatment that you never knew you had issues with (receding gums are a problem for older people), our Biolase Diode LASER might do wonders for you.
  • You can get a Night Guard to help with your teeth grinding during your sleep.
  • To get Implants for your missing or decayed teeth to improve your bite and your looks.
  • To safely remove old Amalgam/Mercury fillings that you had forever, you know, the dark spots on your teeth that everyone sees when you laugh and they hate them. And Mercury is toxic, by the way.
  • To get a Smile Makeover and get a beautiful new smile for the rest of your life!
  • And many other reasons that your Dentist will determine at your next visit, go ahead and make your appointment now and change your life for the better!
"But I can't afford this right now" you might say. Well, think twice, we offer CareCredit, a financing program same as cash with no interest for up to 2 years. You can improve your smile now and make affordable payments with no money down.
So let's start improving your Smile today!

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