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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Let's talk about what everyone is talking about: marijuana will be legal in 2018

It's that time of the year again, when we celebrate a new beginning, a new year and a new start! We all have our resolutions and we promise we'll keep them, and some of will do. Others will just cruise along and enjoy the best time of their life!
But the beginning of 2018 brings something new and special in California, among other things: many people might not think about it or be prepared but recreational marijuana will be legal. It was already legal for medicinal purposes and let's be honest anyone who wanted a prescription got one.
But now it becomes mainstream and we'll see more and more Patients who will use frequently, mostly for recreational purposes, but some for medical reasons too,
What does change from a dental care point of view? Not much and also a lot when it comes to treating every Patient's specific needs. First, some changes might be required in the anesthesia protocol, so Patients should inform the Doctor prior to their appointment if they used marijuana in any form recently and how often.
We already have this implemented in our digital forms, there are questions about alcohol, marijuana and also prescription medications and drugs that your dentist should know about, so we are already prepared for this.
But I guess what is most important here is understanding that there is in Patient's best interest to inform their dentist or any medical provider about any factors that might affect their procedures, and this includes marijuana and it's confidential, talking about this can only help.
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