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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Invisalign in 6 to 8 months? Well yes, we can!


When we think of braces we typically associate them with teenagers who need to straighten their teeth. We rarely think of adults needing to make corrections to their smile, or to correct their bite. A lot of us don't even know that there are options for this, or how it works. Unless your dentist will recommend treatment, most likely you will go through life without knowing that you can correct an unstable bite and crowded teeth, preventing further wear on your teeth or even cracking or chipping. It might also be preventing us from getting a good oral health, since brushing or flossing between crowded teeth is harder or flat out impossible. The way your teeth come together have a strong connection with your TMJ, so if your bite is not stable the muscles and the ligaments supporting your TMJ will get sore or inflamed. Treating your unstable bite helps with your TMJ issues most of the time too.

Invisalign (or clear braces) has been around for a while now and it was recommended to straighten teeth for adults, since the clear aligners are barely visible to others and hardly noticeable for yourself. It's a piece of clear plastic that covers and moves your teeth, then you get another one that moves your teeth even further, and so on. The treatment takes usually almost 2 years long, depending on the complexity of your case and that's what most dentists will tell you.

But Dr Preda is not "most dentists", she is a Gold Invisalign Provider and also a member of the American Academy Of Clear Aligners "elite" group, that extends the training from what every dentist gets to the next level that includes more expertise and support in programing the teeth movement. Also the software monitors your teeth movement and suggests adjustments to improve and speed up the process. This is how she can guide you through an Invisalign treatment that is shorter, more predictable and with a more certain outcome than most other dentists. Now it's not just a piece of clear plastic any more, it has "smart force technology" to shorten the treatment to 6-8 months, depending on the complexity of your case and it is backed up by extra knowledge and computer running software working together to bring your teeth to the desired outcome.

Getting Invisalign treatment will help you with oral hygiene too, since your teeth won't be so crowded and you can clean them better and faster. Also helps to prevent wear and chipping in time so you might need less dental treatment in the future. It also helps with your TMJ problems because with balanced bite the muscles and the ligaments surrounding the TMJ are not going to have to work this hard to stabilize your bite.

All at that is on top of getting your "dream smile" of straight teeth, although this is usually the first thing we notice at a person who had an Invisalign treatment! Ask us about a free consultation, free digital scan and a free simulation of your teeth movement before and after the treatment!