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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

How to support local businesses during Shelter In Place

Since the corona virus pandemic started, many local businesses, just like our office are modifying their hours and how they serve their communities. Some of us are even closing our doors altogether. Our office is open only for emergencies, and we do a thorough screening of our Patients. And we offer teledentistry - Virtual Consultations.  We use a HIPAA compliant video platform called doxi.me for a Facetime-like conversation in order to asses our Patients' oral health and to follow up on their treatment. Also, to make sure we prevent any potential emergencies. Most of the emergencies we had in the last 3 weeks, since Shelter In Place started, were from people who neglected their oral health for a long time. Almost every time I asked them "when was the last time you've seen a dentist?" the answer was "a few years ago".  So if there is any silver lining in this COVID-19 pandemic - we should learn that we need to take care of the regular cleanings, have regular exams and follow through with the dentist's recommendations so we don't end up with an abscess when all the dental offices are closed!
That's why we follow up with our Patients and do a virtual consultation to assess the state of their oral health, and remind them to take care of any issues before they become big problems.
Our office is set up for #SocialDistancing and we use a N95 mask and filters. We are working on getting point of care tests for COVID-19/proteins so we can test Patients before they enter the office. We also use a remote thermometer and we have shoes covers to help prevent spreading of any viruses or germs.
Local businesses like us need your support now more than ever. We appreciate your cooperation for virtual consultations, the pictures of your smile that you email to us, and also any feedback that we receive.
Small businesses like ours can help fuel local economies. But for a lot of us, times are tough right now. We have almost $0 income for the foreseeable future, that's why more and more insurance carriers are covering teledentistry since this is the only way we are able to see Patients right now and follow up on their oral health. We are putting together a few "come back to life" deals for the Patients who will need treatment in the following weeks after re-opening, so please keep in touch with us on Social Media!

We hope you'll join us in supporting local businesses like our office through this challenging time. Together, we can keep our communities vibrant. #StayHome #ShopSmall