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Friday, April 28, 2017

SOKA International Festival

No matter how many of our Patients come from cities far away, or after they move, there is always a local component to every Dental office. You are part of your local community after all and we are lucky to belong to Aliso Viejo, one of the nicest, safest, most vibrant communities in Orange County! The people here are involved in local activities and they care about daily events. And there is a lot going on all the time, a lot of our local residents are excited about the new additions to the Town Center - the new 5Below store that just opened and the new 9Round gym that is going to open soon! (we are still waiting on the Urban Plates and Pieology that are due this summer).
There is also the annual Taste of Aliso Niguel fundraising event that benefits ANHS, but we see it as an evening of fun, good food, drinks and a good chance to get to know local restaurants and businesses better and meet locals.
But probably the most exciting local annual event is the SOKA International Festival that locals  love! This is a big event that involves the students from the local SOKA University, local businesses, city officials, lots of crafts and arts, and performers! This brings AlisoViejans together like nothing else because of the multitude of ethnic food options, local businesses promotions and opportunities to get in touch with people from a diverse background.
We'll have a booth at the SOKA International Festival as we did in the last few years, we are a proud Friend  banner sponsor of the festival and we love to meet local people!
The attendance is FREE (you only pay for parking per car, so is a good idea to carpool or walk if you live close) and the food and the items for sale are usually at discounted or promotional prices. We'll offer free Oral Cancer screenings using our ViziLitePRO tool for anyone interested!
We are looking forward to seeing you next Saturday May 6th at the SOKA International Festival, look for our booth near the Founders Hall and the main stage!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Free Oral Cancer Screenings

So what's new in your office lately? Well in our office we got a ViziLitePro device for Oral Cancer Screenings and a DryShield Isolation System, that's all!
We are proud to offer complimentary oral cancer screenings to all our Patients, it only takes less than a minute anyway, but it can save your life!

Oral cancer is a growing concern among Patients because of its prevalence and because of the dangers it brings. Fortunately the screening is fast and easy when using the latest technology, ViziLite PRO shows any lesions in less than a minute and at Aliso Viejo Dental, Dr. Preda can help you maintain a healthy, cancer-free mouth.

By using our ViziLitePRO screening system, we can provide you with comfortable, quick oral cancer screenings, and they are included in your routine exam, as a New Patient or when you come back for cleanings or treatment. Some insurance plans are starting to catch up and cover the oral cancer screenings, but even if they don't we'll offer this complimentary service at no cost, our Patients' oral and overall health is as important to us as it is to you!
Request an appointment with Aliso Viejo Dental now or call us at 949-425-1447 to schedule a free Oral Cancer screening.