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Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Vaping has been in the news a lot lately, mostly because no one really knows the impact it has on our health yet. There have been so me highly publicized cases, but even those don't have a diagnosis. So how about vaping and the impact on your oral health? Well, we can say it has a higher risk of tooth decay, it can contribute to gingivitis, and may increase the chances or cancer risks, including oral cancer.
Because it was considered a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes it wasn't scrutinized to much for too long. That's why we don't have to much data about vaping right now. But dentists noticed tooth decay in young adults for a while and, until recently, it was attributed to soda or energy drinks. It wasn't until lately that we started to make a distinction in decay caused by e-cigarettes. It is not clear why yet since the ingredients and breakdown byproducts haven't been tested, but several culprits stood up.
Propylene glycol, is an alcohol that's sometimes used in food processing because it mixes well with flavors, but it can cause dry mouth, and it also breaks down into different acids, that can deteriorate tooth enamel and soft tissues.
So if you decide to keep vaping - your oral health has to be impeccable. Brush twice a day like you do regularly, but researchers say wait at least 20 minutes after vaping. In case the acidic vapors soften your enamel, brushing too soon might remove some of that enamel.
Be extra thorough to clean between your teeth and along your gum line. So floss daily and also try irrigators and see if you get good results.
Try to avoid dry mouth, there are several product that help prevent that, including Biotene or natural mouth wash that we offer in our office.
Also, see your dentist more often and on regular basis (meaning don't skip your appointments!) and let them know that you are vaping, so they are aware to check certain tell-tell signs.
We have the Vaping check box in our New Patient forms at Aliso Viejo Dental, and so should all dental offices these days to help prevent any problems caused by vaping to your oral health.

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