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Friday, April 20, 2018

How to get whiter teeth ?

Our teeth naturally lose their white color as we age, from external influences such as coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauce, caramel color, chocolate, smoking etc. a teeth whitening procedure will have a lot of cosmetic and medical benefits for your teeth, but not only that. The increased awareness for a healthy smile rapidly changes your hygiene habits for the better! As a result, Patients generally have significant improvements in oral and systemic health just from whitening their teeth! "Having your teeth whitened makes you feel good, it's like wearing a great outfit or a wonderful accessory!"
Therefore you start getting more compliments and see that others are looking at you in a different, nicer way, and that usually boosts your confidence! Teeth whitening is the easiest dental cosmetic procedure that can dramatically improve your smile!
So wouldn't you want a chance at all these many benefits? How can you get your teeth whiter, how hard is it and how much does it cost?
Well, you'll be surprised how easy, comfortable and inexpensive it is compared to the value you get!
You can try different whitening products you can buy at the drug store, but they only go that far. They work best to maintain your white teeth after you whitening procedure. They hardly go in between teeth or close to the gums, and you'll see the yellower shade there.
So the best way to do it is in a dental office, and let the professionals take care of this. Is it expensive? Some dentists offer free Zoom teeth whitening for new Patients, some charge up to a couple hundred dollars or so. It's totally worth it for the benefits you get, absolutely!
The problem with Zoom whitening is that it was invented about a decade ago and it was THE teeth whitening procedure at the time. But it has a major inconvenience, it takes a while to warm up the whitening substance on your teeth and that gives an uncomfortable sensation and sensitivity afterwards. That scared a  lot of people away and even the excitement of an easily improved smile wasn't able to bring them back.
Also, dentists who offer free teeth whitening hope that you need a teeth cleaning or a deep cleaning that they can charge for, or even some cavities to take care of, which you should do anyway.
But in the last few years a new technology involving Laser Teeth Whitening came up, which is a better, shorter process to activate the whitening gel. That's why it is faster and that means less to no discomfort and less to no sensitivity afterwards. Exactly, isn't that perfect? Isn't that what we all want and can't wait to get it done?
Yes it is!
Now, if only Patients wouldn't be so scared of sensitivity from the old process or previous bad experiences! And that's why we try to explain the difference and how easy and convenient this is, not like the old school whitening process.
Also, it most likely isn't free since the diode Laser used is a complex, expensive machine, but Aliso Viejo Dental has promotions all the time, we had it for $99 at one point. Isn't $99 worth getting your teeth whiter in as little as 20 minutes, with almost no discomfort or sensitivity? People who answered Yes to this question changed their lives in a day and improved their smiles, their self esteem, their chances for a better image, better relationships, maybe a promotion and a better version of themselves!

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