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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Aliso Viejo

Aliso Viejo is one of the youngest cities in Orange County and also one of the most vibrant and diverse! A lot of new businesses and residential buildings popping up all the time and there is always something going on. A lot of people moving in this city every day, mostly because they found a job close by. But they take their decision to move here based on other factors, one of the safest cities in California being one of them. It's also very close to the beach, just a short 15 min drive (unless the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach is on, then all bets are off!), Disneyland and California Adventure, John Wayne Airport, The Spectrum, South Coast Plaza or Fashion Island. Hiking and biking trails are abundant, the Top Of The World is one of the most famous and offers great views of the ocean, it makes it easier to stay healthy!

But there is a lot to do in the city too, the Town Center has everything you need from Ralph's groceries store to Barnes & Noble, PetSmart or dental care. Plenty of restaurants, from Opah to Del Taco, from Stadium Brewery to Thai Bite and from Inka Mama to Subway you can find everything you need! We even joke about having 2 fried chicken places next to each other - Chick-Fil-A and Raising Cane's. There's also a movie theater and a Lowe's, Trader Joe's and CVS and Walgreens and an Pep Boys auto shop too! Did I miss anything? Yes I did, because there are so many small businesses around that would fill up this page and more!

There are a lot of big companies too, that employ a lot of city locals and others, you probably heard of  UPS and Dell, but there are plenty other ones as big that most people haven't heard of, like Microsemi, Fluor and Ambry Genetics.
One of the locals' favorites is Renaissance ClubSport for it's nice gym, pool, restaurant and great amenities.

Aliso Viejo is the home of SOKA University and the famous SOKA International Festival that happens once a year and attracts thousands of visitors from all over for a diversity of foods, cultural events and shows, it's a local "must see"!

Great schools in the city too, Aliso Niguel High School is the home of our beloved Wolverines!
Another great team that we support is the Aliso Viejo Girls Softball the most tenacious we know!

A lot of medical institutions around, the new Hoag Health Center is getting a lot of attention and also is Marque Urgent Care.

But what makes Aliso Viejo great is our people, very supportive for our local causes (just google Aliso Viejo Ranch and you'll understand) and very helpful with one another. All of the above and more make this beautiful city one of the best places to live and work!

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