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Monday, February 29, 2016

Wondering Which Celebrity Has The Best Smile?

Whether we like them or not, we agree with them or not, follow them on Twitter or not - celebrities have a great impact on your life. They start trends, stand for causes, and speak for the ones who don't have a public voice.
A lot of trends started at the Oscars defined the hair style or what colors we wear for the rest of the year, because we love to see our favorite stars finally winning their coveted trophy! But while it's true that hair and makeup trends come and go, when it comes to looking your best – whether on the red carpet or in your living room – a perfect smile never goes out of style!
And so far we can be pretty safe to say that the Hollywood celebrities drive a good trend regarding beautiful smiles!
“Amidst all the fashion and beauty news of awards season, a brilliant, confident smile is one of the most important accessories any star can sport on the red carpet”. “Hollywood A-listers know the power of a high wattage, confident smile both on screen and off, and many go to great lengths to achieve their perfect smiles, from whitening to straightening their teeth or a full blown Smile Makeover.
We couldn’t agree more! No matter your celebrity status, it's the confidence behind your smile that makes it shine! It's time for you too to get a #BrighterSmile so you can be more confident in your day to day life too!

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