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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tips for improving your smile

There are a few easy ways to improve your smile and the way others see you every day. You can make better first impressions, improve your chances to get a promotion or a better job, improve your relationships and ultimately your life! Start with the easier ones and work your way up as needed:
Whitening: A Cosmetic Touch Up
Teeth whitening has evolved a lot over the last decade, it is a safe, fast, effective, and affordable treatment. This is the best option for those that already have a great smile from a dental standpoint, and just need a touch up. Or, this can also be used as a final step in the treatments below.
Invisalign: Straighten your Smile
This is a relatively easy way to improve a your smile without getting veneers. As long as there isn’t a functional bite issue, adult clear braces are a fairly quick option.
Restorations: Creating a Unique Smile
Restorations include Crowns, Veneers, bonding, Bridges or Implants. A key part of creating a restoration for a patient is designing their smile, that takes into consideration facial shape, smile, skin tone, eyes, and hair all create a “look”, and the materials and techniques used to achieve that. We use LASER Therapy and Dental Labs that create exactly the final products that we need for our patients.
There is also the peace of mind that you are in good hands, the Doctors and our Staff are highly qualified and knowledgeable, they use the latest technology in a safe, clean environment. Regardless of the treatment you get recommended and choose, the goal is to get the everyday self-confidence that comes from a great smile!

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