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Monday, May 9, 2016

Community Events + CDA Presents

We had a busy week in our community this week! The Health and Wellness Fair at Fluor in Aliso Viejo was a success, we had hundreds of employees participating and asking questions! Most of them were very interested about new technologies in Dentistry, our LASER Treatment -which includes anything from Gum Treatment to Cleaning to Teeth Whitening-was a star! Getting to meet and talk to so many wonderful people was a blast for us, we gave away a Free LASER Teeth Whitening to a lucky Raffle winner and dozens of electric tooth brushes!

Another great event was the 15th Annual SOKA International Festival in Aliso Viejo, which is an established institution now! We were proud Friends of the Festival sponsors (again!) and we were so happy to meet literally thousands of people! The main attraction here are the many ethnic food choices, everyone got to try so many tasty options while watching hundreds of artistic presentations on the Peace Lake stage and others! Were they open to learn more about our SAFE Mercury fillings removal? Yes they were, that's why we gave away all our brochures and finished all the marketing materials we had. Another 1st Prize Raffle winner and many 2nd Prize winners, they are invited to our office to pick them up and hopefully start their Smile Improvement!

And then there is CDA Presents, the great expo at the Anaheim Conventions center that our office will attend on Friday May 13th (that's a lucky day for us!). We are looking for new and better solutions that we can use in our practice that would benefit our Patients better! More on this next week!

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