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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Your Tax Refund Check it's on it's way!

This is the date you've been waiting for: Monday, April 18th. Your tax refund  check or direct deposit should be on it's way and everyone has some tips on how to use the money. If the practical things such as debts, emergency fund and short-term goals are covered, designate the cash for something more exciting, such as a big vacation or better yet, invest in yourself! Improving your looks is one of the best rewards you can give yourself for your hard earned money, and it's something that will boost your confidence and self esteem for years and years! Set yourself on a path to a promotion or a better job altogether, for a better relationship if that's what you are looking for right now and ultimately for a better you! No one can take away your bright smile and the constant stream of compliments will keep you happy for a long time! Can't wait for the refund? Use CareCredit for up to 24 months of no interest (same as cash) financial plan and pay it off when the IRS check sinks in. It's hard to come up with a better reason to spend your tax refund than yourself and your future, so please call us for a free evaluation and a quote for the easiest, fastest way to improve your smile and your overall health! 949-425-1447 or Office@AlisoViejoDental.com

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