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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Your healthcare and FSA benefits might expire at the end of the year! Again!

Yes, it's that time of the year again! When every dental office reminds everyone that their healthcare and their Flexible Spending Account FSA benefits might expire at the end of the year! It's a cliché and it could become annoying as it pops up on -insert your favorite social media account here - when you scroll up on your new iPhone X! Yet it's amazing how many people leave money on the table, even after all the emails, calls and texts that pretty much every medical or dental office sends out! And probably that's why they try everything else out there to get the message out! It's a lose-lose situation, when it could actually be a win-win!

Most of the excuses we hear involve the lack of time to take care of this, which is completely understandable in today's fast pace life. Most people don't have time to check their dental or medical insurance for remaining funds. We can't argue with that but we have a solution for it: email or call us and we'll check it for you! Chances are that we can do it while we have you on the phone, there is software today that can retrieve your benefits in real time, and we have it! Worst case scenario - and that's not that bad really - we'll have to call you back with an answer or email you the details.

The other excuse we hear a lot is - I can't take time off from work. Well, you most likely have sick days available, that's what they are for! For when you are sick and when you have a doctor appointment. You can plan the dentist appointment in advance and request a  few sick hours to take care of it. Your employer should understand that you want to take care of your health or improve your smile and that makes you a happier, more productive, less grumpy employee in return! Can they say no to all that? If you work in Aliso Viejo we are conveniently located in the Town Center, most likely a 5 minutes drive from anywhere.

The last excuse we'll mention here is - I don't have any problems, no tooth hurting, why would I go to the dentist? Oh boy, how much time do you have to talk about this? We'll make it short, in a nutshell: most Patients have proposed or recommended treatments that are not a priority and end up down the line in the list. But that doesn't mean they are not necessary, they also contribute to a #BrighterSmile, and besides, they might be covered by free money from your insurance! So why not take advantage now before it gets busy towards the end of the year?

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